Offline Google Calendar Now Available

GMail LogoSoon after releasing offline access for GMail, Google now makes available offline Google Calendar. It was previously only available to Apps users but has now been turned on for everyone. Like offline GMail, offline GCal uses Gears to sync while online and make content available locally when offline.

The neat thing about this is that you can now have access to your schedule/agenda while on the go, and all in one place within GMail if you have enabled the Calendar gadget.

The downside is that calendar entries cannot be edited while offline for automatic syncing when you get back online. Hopefully this is a feature that will be introduced soon.

Offline GMail Now Available

GMail LogoAnother great feature from GMail Labs.

If you lose internet connectivity because you’re on the go or your wi-fi (or neighbor’s, which you’re “borrowing”) is flaky, you can now still get to your cached email on your computer.

Offline GMail uses Gears to download a local cache of your email while you are online, then makes it available when offline by simply opening your browser and going to

If you use Google Docs, you’ve probably used Doc’s Offline feature to get to your documents. Same concept since they both use Gears.

The feature is now available to GMail users that have the US or UK English edition, although it may be a couple of days for some before it shows under your Labs tab.

Whither art thou, O Yahoo! Mail?


GMail is currently innovating and evolving at a much faster rate than the competition, and if the growth predicted in the graph is anything to go by, then Y!Mail really needs to bootstrap itself.

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