The CCK and Mitigating Mobile Phone Theft

When most people are “relieved” of their phones, unconsciously or under duress, at least one of three things generally happen following: (1) you count your losses, sigh and dust off an old phone; (2) you call your provider and block your phone with a vengeance, or (3) outwit, outcall and outlast with Ujanja. Option 1 is easy. Option 3 is just plain dubious. Option 2 takers might find respite in the news that the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) is threatening to flex its regulatory muscle against sellers of second-hand cell phone handsets. Continue reading

What Future Holds for Satellite Internet in Kenya?

Kenyans tend to be a very optimistic lot. This was probably most evident after the 2002 election when we were widely regarded as the “most optimistic citizens” in the world. This sense of expectancy is here again, and this time it’s around the arrival of terrestrial fiber optic cables to the country.

And with good reason because there are at least three undersea fiber projects are at various stages of development, with (a) the SEACOM project with a 1.28Tbps capacity being first-to-market, then (b) TEAMS to follow in a few short weeks with initial capacity of 120Gbps, upgradeable up to 1.2Tbps in the future, and finally (c) EASSy with a 30Gbps capacity initially and up to 320Gbps in the future.

The capacity on offer here is no joke. Continue reading

KC(A) Act 2008: The Universal Service Fund

USFThe Universal Service Fund (USF) was established by the recently passed Kenya Communications Amendment Act 2008 and, while promising in theory, it seems to be rather thin on the details of its implementation.

Where a lack of clarity on the issues exists, the Law could be prone to misrepresentation and abuse.

What can be gleaned from the Act? Continue reading