Google Mowing with Goats

This view looks all too familiar..


Google decided to to use a “low carbon” approach to clear the brush near their Mountain View headquarters, making use of some 200 mbuzis in place of the usual droners. The owners of the goats are definitely getting an awesome deal: goats get fed Google grass, their minders get a chunk of change.

Mowing with Goats [Via Google Blog]

The (Ir)relevance of Job References


I recently read this article from the Standard about why we need to alert referees/references listed on our resumes before attending an interview and found it ludicrous on at least two counts:

  • It’s not scalable – most people not only list multiple references, but they apply for multiple job opportunities at any given time. (Cast your bread upon the waters.. you need a job, right?) Sending out the ‘red alert’ for every instance becomes unmanageable and, frankly, annoying after a while.
  • Smart employers don’t care (unless you give them reason to) – you will be evaluated primarily on the work that you’ve done and what (results) you have to show for it. If a potential employer seems to be placing a lot of weight on your references, think again. Priorities, priorities.

I think of references as falling in roughly two categories Continue reading

Brilliant Photography, with a dash of Humor

Capturing the most photogenic of shots is mostly about timing. Of course, you need to have the right photography hardware and other skills to boot, but having the patience to set up that perfect shot often results in some of the most native and unpretentious works of art.

I’m no professional in this regard by any stretch, but I do appreciate a great body of work such as this fascinating collection of creative shots by some very talented artists.

21 Fantastic Examples Of Brilliant Photography With Humor [via Smashing Apps]