Pandaladder: instant-search for jobs in Kenya

Well, we’ve had YouTube instant, twitter instant and the grand papa of them all – Google instant. You know instant job search was well on its way! Loading dynamic content on the fly is not a new concept but has only recently found fame probably not so much for the rapid speed with which search results are returned, but because Google implemented it on a grand scale. Suddenly, traditional search just doesn’t cut it.

So as a complement to what the current Kenyan job boards and blogs offer in content, this web app simply does two things: provide a single interface to search multiple job boards simultaneously, and offer real-time search. All links redirect to the boards/blogs that post them.

This project went from concept to 95% implemented in 4 days so there’s a few more things that need to be tweaked and improved along the way. If anything, it’s always better to start small, launch fast, often and fail forward.

On that note, check it out at, comments at Here’s a preview:

What Future Holds for Satellite Internet in Kenya?

Kenyans tend to be a very optimistic lot. This was probably most evident after the 2002 election when we were widely regarded as the “most optimistic citizens” in the world. This sense of expectancy is here again, and this time it’s around the arrival of terrestrial fiber optic cables to the country.

And with good reason because there are at least three undersea fiber projects are at various stages of development, with (a) the SEACOM project with a 1.28Tbps capacity being first-to-market, then (b) TEAMS to follow in a few short weeks with initial capacity of 120Gbps, upgradeable up to 1.2Tbps in the future, and finally (c) EASSy with a 30Gbps capacity initially and up to 320Gbps in the future.

The capacity on offer here is no joke. Continue reading