Old Spice Ad: A Creative Win, Man

Every once in a while an ad hits the tubes that just has this intangible sense of genius. Debuting during Super Bowl XLIV (Who Dat!), the 30 second Old Spice spot is curiously captivating, its unraveling totally unexpected and Isaiah Mustafa’s delivery is right on the money. The great thing about it is that the marketing gist appeals to women and chides men alike, to ascribe to astute manliness, man.

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, or need another run:

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CCIE Security Written: The Day After

I debated internally whether to write this now after passing the 350-018 written exam or to wait till after the lab exam in a couple of months, which is what ultimately gets you the coveted CCIE designation. I decided to write anyway in the hope that it might help someone get past this first hurdle to becoming a CCIE.

If you visit any CCIE forum, or other certification forum for that matter, a lot of people want to know what study materials those successful used to prepare for the exam. This is my contribution: Continue reading

Thoughts on Job Hunting in the Recession

The last several weeks have been quite challenging. While finding jobs in this economic climate is rough, switching jobs is not any better as I’ve since come to learn. I’ve been looking to transition jobs lately and fortunately, I got a job offer about a fortnight ago, after an arduous search, to work for an amazing company in the Bay Area, CA.

There’s a lot of advice out there on what strategies to adopt especially now when many companies are either folding up or announcing lay offs, and I tried to read some of it although after a while it became a tad overwhelming. So this is not “expert advice” (find some here), just some ideas I’ve picked up in my job search so I promise to keep it short and sweet :). Continue reading