What Future Holds for Satellite Internet in Kenya?

Kenyans tend to be a very optimistic lot. This was probably most evident after the 2002 election when we were widely regarded as the “most optimistic citizens” in the world. This sense of expectancy is here again, and this time it’s around the arrival of terrestrial fiber optic cables to the country.

And with good reason because there are at least three undersea fiber projects are at various stages of development, with (a) the SEACOM project with a 1.28Tbps capacity being first-to-market, then (b) TEAMS to follow in a few short weeks with initial capacity of 120Gbps, upgradeable up to 1.2Tbps in the future, and finally (c) EASSy with a 30Gbps capacity initially and up to 320Gbps in the future.

The capacity on offer here is no joke. Continue reading

Zero-Defect Hiring: Rethinking Job References

A little while back I wrote about how job references are increasingly becoming irrelevant to smart managers because the said referees have the propensity to tell them what they want to hear – that you have a fine candidate. In essence, references inadvertently degrade to a factor of lesser significance when selecting “the candidate” from the herd.

Well I held that view until recently when I happened upon a slightly dated yet insightful excerpt from Dr. Pierre Mornell’s Hiring Smart! in my reading that struck me as genius:

Here’s the simplest, most effective reference check that I know. It’s also fast and legal. Call references at what you assume will be their lunchtime–you want to reach an assistant or voice mail. If it’s voice mail, leave a simple message. If it’s an assistant, be sure that he or she understands the last sentence of your message.

You say: “Jane Jones is a candidate for (the position) in our company. Your name has been given as a reference. Please call me back if the candidate was outstanding.”

The results are both immediate and revealing. If the candidate is outstanding, I guarantee that people will respond quickly and want to help. Take such a response as a green light. Proceed to the next level by checking out the individual.

However, if only 2 or 3 of the 10 references selected by the candidate return your call, this message is also loud and clear.

Now then, would your references initiate a callback? What would they say of you?

By the way, the excerpt is recommended reading for hiring managers and job seekers alike. Better yet, get the book.