Old Spice Ad: A Creative Win, Man

Every once in a while an ad hits the tubes that just has this intangible sense of genius. Debuting during Super Bowl XLIV (Who Dat!), the 30 second Old Spice spot is curiously captivating, its unraveling totally unexpected and Isaiah Mustafa’s delivery is right on the money. The great thing about it is that the marketing gist appeals to women and chides men alike, to ascribe to astute manliness, man.

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, or need another run:

A disclaimer: I love Old Spice, used it for several years; the body wash, deodorant. So maybe I’m a little biased. But regardless, that doesn’t take away from the ad’s stellar concept, production quality and uncanny ability to carry home the message – you need to get this.

Talking of production, the creative minds behind the spot, Craig Allen and Eric Kallman of the ad agency Widen+Kennedy, were recently interviewed about how they came up with the concept and actually pulled it off. If you’ve been curious, as I was, as to whether this was all one set or multiple, was it all real or some computer generated sequences, or how on earth did he get on the horse!? – well, agonize no more: