Secure Mobile vs. Ujanja Mobile Tracking

radar-150x150As I previously alluded, cell phone tracking seems like a great idea and that the approach taken by East African Data Handlers (EADH) with its Ujanja service needs more meat on the bones, more value for the package like providing remote data retrieval, for instance.

Turns out India-based Maverick Mobile launched Secure Mobile last Fall providing all that Ujanja has to offer and then some.

With Ujanja, once the SIM is replaced on a stolen phone, a text is sent to the preferred number(s) allowing you, the owner, to bug/irritate/aggravate the brazen thug ad nauseum. That’s pretty much as far as the comparison goes. MSM lets you do that too, but also encrypts the stored data – phonebook, images, messages – on a SIM change.

You can retrieve contacts in the phonebook and the crook’s phone log, then have them sent to the preferred number(s) via SMS. After you’ve got your data off the gizmo, you can remotely set off a siren on the phone, which by the way can only be turned off by taking out the battery, only for you to set it off again :). To boot, you can also send a short code sequence that hangs the phone rendering it inoperable.

CEO Sujit Jain at DEMO ’08:

At the very least, Ujanja needs to provide remote file retrieval because the content is perhaps more critical to (most) users than the actual phone.