Why was Gazetting of the Kenya Communications Amendment Act Delayed?

The Nation figures the Government is slowly getting cornered between a rock (loss of political capital, amid talk of 2012) and a hard place (bad press locally and internationally).

I tend to think it’s more the latter. Many internationally syndicated columnists simply drank the Kool-Aid of media-muzzling wrought by some disingenuous local reporters, before doing some fact-checking, hence the bad rap the Government has got for championing the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2008. The Information Minister Poghisio and his PS Ndemo seemed genuinely surprised at the push back on the Act, like they’d been hit by a bus and now wondering what just happened. The Government Spokesman is peeved.

The Act has gone through the last stage in the legislative process, date of Commencement – January 2nd, 2009, but it has not yet been gazetted according to the latest release. The AG & Co. are asking for another memorandum from the Media Owners Association & Co. on what’s itching them on the two Acts.

What I’m wondering is what was contained in the original memo handed to Kibaki on MOA’s behalf by the Prime Minister sometime in December before he assented to the Bill?