The Help Kenya Project

I was reading Bankelele‘s post on tech education in Kenya (rather, it’s gradual plummet to irrelevance) and ended up on Strathmore School‘s website while in the quest to find out how pervasive its teaching in our high school’s is. So that’s how I stumbled upon the Help Kenya Project (HKP).


There are a number of organizations out there trying to help drive down poverty in Africa, in general. That’s a good thing, depending on the approach the development partners and such NGO entities use. On a macro scale, the audacious Andrew Mwenda argues strongly against international aid and a “Marshall Plan” counterpoint in Africa.

What Jude Ndambuki, founder of HKP, does perhaps differently is he helps empower school-going children with skills to compete in the global marketplace and also teaches environmental conservation. HKP collects and refurbishes computers, textbooks, clothing and sports equipment, and then sends them to schools in Kenya. All recipient schools are asked to plant a number of trees for every donation received.

As of July 2008, The Help Kenya Project has shipped over 1700 computers, over 15,000 books, and approximately 20 pieces of medical equipment. In response, beneficiaries have planted over 50,000 trees.

Would you like to help? See what the needs are or perhaps if you’re interested in volunteering with them.

Photo credit: Strathmore School