Satellite Internet Access @ Marigat, Baringo

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In an area that’s near and dear to me, a Community Knowledge Center was set up and a VSAT dish antenna installed by University of Michigan’s IMAGINE Africa Program in collaboration with Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) and Kenya Data Network (KDN). The region stretching from L. Bogoria to L. Baringo and toward Kabarnet has a healthy population of younger people especially since the inhabitant communities (Njemps and Tugens) are now largely sedentary. Engaging this target group with these ICT initiatives could pay dividends for the area.

Eric Hersman ( interviewed Raphael Marambii, one of the officials at ALIN on the motivation of the project. What he suggests is that the venture will be funded for a 6 month period; what’s not clear is how the CKC will sustain the initiative thereafter – perhaps monetizing the service? I’ll be optimistic that these issues were discussed well in advance of the deployment.